Website: http://www.kofax.com/data-integration-extraction

Company Overview:  Kofax™ from Lexmark is a leading provider of software to simplify and transform the First Mile™ of customer engagement. Success in the First Mile can dramatically improve the customer experience, greatly reduce operating costs and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability. The Kofax Kapow™ integration and automation platform is the fastest way to acquire, enhance, and deliver information to enterprise applications. Information that was previously unattainable, unusable or costly to integrate is now readily consumable to drive productivity and insight into the decision making process. The platform accelerates the integration of information and eliminates manual work by accessing hard to reach data and files from a disparate number of sources, and connecting the information to enterprise applications.


Products/services:  With Kofax Kapow™, integration and automation projects can be completed in days instead of months. The platform delivers the power of data integration directly into the hands of your business users, helping foster a data-driven culture. The Kapow “no coding” design allows developers and non-technical users to quickly build information integration flows that acquire, enhance, and deliver information, enabling organizations to be more responsive to the demands of their business. The Kapow platform accelerates the integration of information and eliminates manual work by accessing hard to reach data from a vast number of sources–including websites, web portals, and Microsoft Excel–and connecting the information to enterprise applications. Unlike web scraping tools and expensive in-house custom development, Kapow delivers integration through traditional APIs and an innovative Synthetic API™ that simulates API functionality, making information easily accessible regardless of where it resides.


Clients Include:

• Arrow Electronics

• Audi

• Fidelity

• Fiserv

• J.B. Hunt

• NelNet

• Pitt Ohio

• Swift Transportation

• TigerDirect

• Trinity Logistics

• Wayfair

• Wood Mackenzie


Industries Served:

• E-Commerce

• Financial Services / Insurance

• Food / Beverage

• Health Care / Pharma

• Logistics / Transportation

• Manufacturing / Consumer

Packaged Goods

• Media / Information provider

• Government / Non Profit

• Technology



“We expect to save hundreds of hours per month of manual work to process special quotes and invoices with shorter cycle times, data accuracy, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.” > Wolfgang Fischer, Senior Division Manager eCommerce, Arrow Central Europe Components

“We’re seeing a 95% reduction in manual effort from our Customer Service Representatives. Kapow handles what our users were doing, automatically, more consistently and more accurately.” > Darren Klaum, Director of Business Systems, PITT OHIO

“Trinity Logistics has recouped twice our investment in Kapow with our initial project. We have automated processing of Proof of Delivery documents, Bills of Lading, carrier invoices and other shipping documents, enabling us to focus on exception handling and other high value work instead of manual website updates.” > Doug Potvin, CFO, Trinity Logistics

“With the Kapow robot, we were able to migrate nearly a million documents in a matter of days. The entire process was a lot faster and easier than it would have been with any of our other tools. There’s no question we saved a tremendous amount of time.”  > Patrick Hoffman, Director of Enterprise Content Management Support, Union Bank