Pluralsight is an enterprise technology learning platform that delivers a unified, end-to-end learning experience for businesses across the globe. Through a subscription service, companies are empowered to move at the speed of technology, increasing proficiency, innovation and efficiency. Founded in 2004 and trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Pluralsight provides members with on-demand access to a digital ecosystem of learning tools, including adaptive skill tests, directed learning paths, expert-authored courses, interactive labs and live mentoring. For more information, visit









“We didn’t get great reviews on our training resources, until we got Pluralsight. Now, our IT team devotes a lot more time to learning.”

Richard DiMichele, IT Training Manager, New Balance


“When I’m faced with an IT challenge, I search the subject on Pluralsight and instantly find a video that provides me with the solution.”

Steven McEnvoy, Senior Systems Analyst, Christie Digital


“Using Pluralsight expanded my views and knowledge on how to tackle complex and simple problems.”

Ershad Nozari, IT Consultant, Solentive Software