1EDISource, Inc. is a pioneer and market leader providing EDI software through both cloud-based and managed solutions to help organizations transform B2B operations. For more than 25 years, companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 corporations in various industries have come to rely on 1EDISource for innovative solutions supported by experts that care about empowering you. Our goal is to improve customer relationships, drive operational excellence, and enhance bottom-line performance in a manner that is cost effective, reliable and sustainable.

Recently businesses have been reporting millions of dollars in losses due to chargebacks and other non-compliance fees and many have settled on the ‘fact’ that it’s simply a cost of doing business. Not anymore. Our cloud-based intelligentXchange [ix] empowers suppliers with built-in alerts, communication tools, and plain-English data views so IT, CSRs and finance can collaborate to eliminate costly errors and improve overall customer satisfaction.





“IntelligentXchange provided instant insight into a pricing issue causing a 5% variance on a key customer invoices and identified $95,000 in additional revenue opportunities.” Winston Products, LLC

“When I saw that [ix] allowed us to see the lifecycle of a document from purchase order to invoice all on one screen, I was sold.” Lifetime Brands

“1EDISource designed an automated solution to quickly (and without headaches) help us accommodate the expected high volume of orders from the Home Shopping Network.” Soda Stream