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Since 1988 DP Solutions has been a world leading Software Solutions Delivery company.   Today, DP Solutions is redefining Financial Accounting in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) marketplace with our VIBE ERP Suite of Applications.  During our Quartz Event Overview, we will be focused on our MinePoint application.  Since 1988, we have actively developed MinePoint into the industry’s leader for Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, and Executive Dashboards.   MinePoint specializes in multiple disparate systems, hard to get to data.  If it is electronic, we can access it, mine it, and help your company get meaningful, productive Analytics, Dashboards, and Alerts.  


We support multiple inputs, data sources, and objects.   MinePoint becomes the data engine for your enterprise.  Any input can be any output.  Flat file, comma delimited, CSV, any OLE, or ODBC database, printers, FTP, HTML, HL7, XML.  If it’s electronic, we can analyze, predict, mine, aggregate, and then report on it.  Our Developer Suite is designed for even the lowest level Data Mining Analyst.  The application is easy to learn, and we provide a simple User Interface where end users, non-programmers, can easily create their own reports, and do their own data analysis and workflow alerts.  Data becomes meaningful.   Dashboards are easy to build, and come to life in minutes not months.  


Our pricing model makes us an excellent fit for any mid-size organization.  For the 4th quarter of 2016, we have developed a Quartz Packaged Offering with a simplified pricing model to help your organization achieve an immediate ROI.  Unlimited Users, Unlimited Data Sources, Unlimited Developers:  $20,000.  $5,500 installation fee, $750 a month for 1-800 Support, Updates, and Releases.  No complex pricing model, no hard to understand price matrix.


Products / Services

MinePoint – Data Mining; the industry’s leader in data mining allows users to connect to any data source; internal or external, with support for any ODBC/OLE compliant database, proprietary technologies, web pages and even printed reports.


MinePoint – Business Intelligence & Analytics; with multiple visualizations from Charts and Graphs to our powerful Data Cube, users can quickly move through multiple visualizations with in depth data analysis for more informed decisions, without the need for programmers.


MinePoint – Executive Dashboard; fully web-based data cubes, charts and graphs gives key personnel immediate access to the information they need, transforming the decision making process. Move away from spreadsheets and printed reports to Business Analytics and Information.


MinePoint enables our customers to:


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Kenworth Sales Co.


MinePoint gives me access to hard to track data across our Sales transactions.  From start to finish, I can find hard to see sales metrics, easily without programmers and a sustained effort. In our business with hundreds of thousands of transactions, getting the details out of the system without intensive time consuming labor is a critical success factor for our organization.


Ryan Colby

Corporate Parts Director